Press release – October 1st

Today Bergkvist Siljan initiates the process to reorganize the industrial operations with the Group and in conjunction with that change adapt the subsidiaries to the current market situation. The purpose of the change is to enable more efficient ways of working within and between the different subsidiaries as well as adapting the size. The implication of the change is that three subsidiaries initiates union negotiations and gives notice. The notice covers approximately 45 employees across the three companies.

Anders Nilsson, CEO Bergkvist Siljan:

– The establishment of Bergkvist Siljan has enabled possibilities for a better and more efficient way to run our operations with the Group. Those possibilities together with the challenges on the timber market is the reason why we today announce these changes. I am firmly convinced that this is an important step to secure that Bergkvist Siljan becomes more competitive and thereby strengthen our market position,

Bergkvist Siljan Group has in total 350 employes and consist of the main subsidiaries Bergkvist Insjön, Siljan Timber, Blyberg Timber, Siljan Skog and Weda Skog. Siljan skog and Weda skog is not affected by this process. The plan for next year is to maintain current production level which means that neither customers not suppliers will be directly affected.


CEO Bergkvist Siljan, Anders Nilsson
Union representatives through company exchange, 0250/390 00