Bergkvist Siljan operates in one of the real key industries in Sweden, namely Swedish forestry. This industry does not only stands for a long history of building Sweden with sustainability at the center, but is today a high-tech industry that creates wealth through the large export that the industry generates. Working at Bergkvist Siljan means getting the opportunity to contribute to all this and also being part of a strong company where employee engagement  and personal development are central.

The Bergkvist Siljan Group conducts a business that has a need for many different skills and experiences. It can easily be described as three parts, at the industry, in the forest and common functions in the office. In the industry you work closest to the high technology that sawmills are today and as part of a team working on this in a sustainable and safe way. Examples of roles you find here are machine operator, electrician, mechanic, truck driver. In the forest, you work mainly as a wood buyer where your role is to create relationships with local forest owners and help them to best use their forest and secure lumber for our three industries. In addition to wood buyers, there are also other roles such as forest managers, forestry planning managers in the area. Within the common functions there is a breadth of areas including Finance, Market, HR, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Technology and administration. In the different areas, there are services with different competence needs with the common requirement for cross-functional collaboration and solution focus. The marketing department stands out where the work is global in a different way than other parts of the business. Our customers are located in large parts of the world and therefore we also work globally both daily in our contacts with customers but also through a large proportion of travelling.