– Construction spruce with length program

At the production unit in Insjön, spruce with a length program optimized for container delivery are sawn. X% of the sawn wood products are also planed or split in the integrated planing mill. The sawn wood products are mostly used in the construction industry either directly as building material or after further processing.

Turnover: 1 000 MSEK

Employees: 95 co-workers

Lumber consumption: 860 000 m3fub

Production: 440 000 m3sv

Main markets: Japan, China, South Korea and Nordics


– Quality pine in thick dimensions

At the production unit in Mora, the finest pine in the middle of Sweden are sawn. The sawn wood products that we manufacture have a wide spectrum of use cases of which one is the furniture industry where local carpenters’ crafts magnificent furniture to homes across the whole world.

Turnover: 400 MSEK

Employees: 49 co-workers

Lumber consumption: 340 000 m3fub

Production: 180 000 m3sv

Main markets: North Africa, Middle East, Nordics and UK


– Specialized in thin logs with optimal yield

At the production unit in Blyberg focus on thin logs which primarily comes from the thinning fellings that is done in the area. Thinning is an important activity as part of a sustainable and profitable forestry which also is the key enabler for the sawn wood products produced at the sawmill in Blyberg. A large share of the deliveries from the sawmill end up at local DIY-stores throughout Sweden.

Turnover: 500 MSEK

Employees: 54 co-workers

Lumber consumption: 500 000 m3fub

Production: 250 000 m3sv

Main markets: Nordics, Japan, Egypt and Germany