The Company

Bergkvist Siljan is based in the middle of Sweden which is the area where we and our co-workers are anchored in the local community. Our three production sites are all located around the large lake Siljan and are using the same small raw material area. In this area you will find our purchasers that are supporting the local forest owners to plan and cultivate the huge value of the forest both in the short- and long-term. Our finished sawn wood products are spread around the globe with focus on the Nordics, Asia, Europe and North Africa. To support the Asian market, which is our largest market aside from the Nordics, we have established an local office in Shanghai which creates a closer proximity to our customers and thereby enhance the service we are able to give our customers also in the inlands of China.

The Group relies on two different areas, the raw material organization with a large service offering toward forest owners and a close collaboration with other forest companies in the region, as well as production organization with three sawmill sites. We are using the brand Bergkvist Siljan both toward forest owners and to all our sawn wood product customers around the globe. To secure an efficient and common way of working a fantastic common organization is established in Mora and Insjön to support both the raw material and production organisations. The common organization include support functions such as Sales & Marketing, Product, Finance, HR and IT. It is also in the common organization we have established a technical expert function that are leveraged throughout all our sites.