Bergkvist Siljan Skog is your local forestry partner, well rooted in the communities where we operate.

We work to be a long-term partner that extracts the real value from your forest, should it be to create the right conditions for optimal growth, an specialized thinning for thin logs to Blyberg or larger scale fellings of pine and spruce. The raw material we purchase supplies four sawmills in Insjön, Mora, Blyberg and Mockfjärd. We distribute the raw material to an sawmill specialized for the specific log who refine it to high-quality sawn wood products which is distributed throughout the world. We are one of the largest and oldest companies within forestry in the region where we are active as Bergkvist Siljan Skog. Our purchases and local offices can be found spread over the middle of Sweden and we are the experts in forestry and the differences within this area. Please reach out to anyone of our purchases to learn more.