Our marketing organization consists of engaged employees who together possess a broad experience.

The customer’s needs are always in focus, where we are looking for a production and delivery solution that matches the customer’s needs. Market, products and customers are always changing and we realize the importance of being dynamic and always developing our business together with the customer. Flexibility, delivery precision and curiosity are key words in our organization.
Our geographical sales spread is large, with the largest focuses on North Africa, Europe and Asia. We have extensive experience of the markets in Asia where we have been in Japan since 1992, and in China since 2012 when we opened our own Shanghai office.
Behind the sales force is a team with experienced administrative staff. Having a well-organized and dynamic team as well as efficient logistics solutions is a large and important part of the quality we deliver in our stores, in addition to the wood itself.
With a majority of women in the marketing organization, we represent a modern work environment where many skilled employees with extensive knowledge together contribute to creating an efficient flow.
As we deliver large volumes of sawn and planed wood products to different parts of the world every week, by car, railway and container, a well-oiled logistics team is required, which is on site in Mora and Insjön.
We have a completely unique solution with our own container terminal. The terminal is the seventh largest in Sweden and is an important hub for our sustainable transport. The products are loaded in a container on site in Insjön, and then sent by train to Gothenburg for further transport by ship to the final destination. Every week, we deliver about 180 containers from our terminal in Insjön to customers in Asia, which accounts for just over a third of the company’s total production volume. The container terminal is used by all our three production units.