The Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation has granted the sawmill group Bergkvist Siljan permission to increase the production of sawn wood products at the Insjön sawmill with approximately 60%, from 400 000 to 650 000 m3 per year.

-This a very positive decision, says Anders Nilsson, CEO of Bergkvist Siljan

The decision means that Bergkvist Siljan gradually will increase the production in a first phase from 400 000 to 500 000 m3 sawn wood products.

-We see a significant increase in global demand of sawn wood products. The demand is driven by consumers choosing  sustainable materials to a larger extent. In addition, the technology to build tall buildings in wood has developed, says Anders Nilsson.


Anders Nilsson, CEO Bergkvist Siljan 070 574 19 17

Ulf Bergkvist, Chairman Bergkvist Siljan 070 594 02 20